Other Staff

julia-st'mikesJulia Meadows – webmaster

Haunting the camp since 2008, Julia has seen many different sides of the camp from the perspectives of both camper and staff (and even a combination of camper-staff!) Working first as music teacher in 2011, she switched gears and changed to the culinary side of the camp in 2012. In 2014, she stepped down from the position of cook due to academic responsibilities requiring her full attention. She still helps out by running the camp website.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 4.31.45 오후

Jerome Henry – camp facilitator

From camper to counselor I have grown and developed into a confident young Christian man. At St. Michael’s Youth Conference, you make friends and family for a lifetime; from daily fun with educational classes in the morning where we learn, bond and socialize with peers of all different types of nationality – to Evening Prayer where we gather in front of the cross to show how grateful we are to have this type of environment to attend on a yearly basis. Growing up at St. Mikes I called it “My Yearly Cleanse”. Well trusted and trained staff, all campers will have a successful summer end at St. Mikes. Bonfires, archery, canoeing, field games, hikes, sing-a-long’s, sightseeing …. St. Mike’s is the place to be.

page41-1019-fullShastyn Griffin – camp facilitator

Shastyn is a graduate of York University.  She served as a counselor at St. Mike’s for 10 years and saw many positive relationships form over that time. She has also made many lasting friendships herself.  She comments, “The best thing about this camp is the way it brings together people from all walks of life and has them interacting with each other in ways that they would not be likely to do otherwise.  That makes this a place for fostering many learning experiences and encouraging growth in the campers as individuals, as a community and as Christians.”

IMG_8117Helen Snow – camp assistant

For the past few years I’ve had an absolutely amazing time both volunteering and being a counsellor at St. Michael’s Youth Conference. From morning classes furthering Christian education, to the fun afternoon and evening activities including canoeing, swimming, and capture the flag, St. Mike’s has given me the opportunity to grow as an Anglican and as a person. Around the camp I’m often known as the “games coordinator” which basically means I’m the go-to person during free time to find fun games and activities to do. This camp is a great way to make strong new friendships while having a lot of fun. Going to St. Mike’s was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I can’t wait to see you at camp!


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