Katherine (2002)

For those of you who have been living on Mars with your eyes shut with super glue, your ears plugged with cotton balls, and don’t know what St. Michael’s Youth Conference is, I’ll tell you. It’s a camp for teenagers run by an awesome (and brave) group of priests, ordinary folk, and young dudes. It’s partly sponsored by the Prayer Book Society. People come from across Canada to help at this thing. Basically what it does is enrich teenagers spiritually in the Christian faith, teaches them theology, liturgy (all that good stuff) and while we’re at it we have a ton of crazy fun.

This year the gang from St. Luke’s, Hamilton (and I mean gang) arrived with their parish priest, the Reverend Father Sir Robert Hudson, and all the high church holy hardware we could bring. We even brought a set of “Stations of the Cross” that we get into. We were about to give the evangelicals a run for their money! St. Luke’s had nearly the most people there out of the bunch, considering St. Luke’s had never even heard of St. Mike’s two years ago.

Early! Every morning! We started out with Morning Prayer in the chapel up on the hill surrounded by God’s amazingly cool creation. Then we would trudge off to breakfast and then did some minor chores. After all that we would have our Bible, Theology and Spirituality classes. Then the rest of the day was devoted to games, sports, going insane, swimming at majorly awesome beaches, canoeing, campfires, free time, and all that kinda chillaxing stuff of goodness. We’d end off our busy days with Compline and Evening Prayer services and once in a while there’d be a Communion service going down.

St. Mike’s was the best part of our summer. So next year send your hooligans or suffer the wrath!

Written by Katherine(AKA Step in Time girl of rebellion), with the approval of David (AKA the Quiet One), Alex (AKA the Russian), Rebecca (AKA Curly Top), and Michelle (AKA the Baptized).

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